“Helping our colleagues - - personally and professionally.”


We help our colleagues in two ways:

Leadership Coaching:

CenterPoint Coaching Collaborative is a collaborative team of experienced healthcare leaders who have learned the art and science of leadership coaching.  We specialize in coaching C-Suite executives and governing boards of hospitals and health systems as well as finding and developing effective Physician Leaders.   Our proven methods produce sustainable change through:

·      Individual Coaching

·      Team Coaching

·      “Third Table Collaboratives” (Dyads, Service Lines, CINs, etc.)

Strategic Advisory Services:

We bring our experience in leading health systems to benefit those inside and outside such systems.

To those serving health systems - - pharma, device and technology firms - - we “open the black box” to help them adapt their value propositions by understanding what is changing inside health sytems, how and why decisions are being made unlike before.

To those running health systems - - our colleagues and friends - - we offer insights into where to find the Best Practice Solutions to their strategic business problems in areas such as:

·      Spend Management

·      Labor and Benefits

·      Revenue Cycle

·      Operational Excellence

·      Physician Practice Economics

·      Technology

·      Supply Chain