MDR Best Practices Solving Business Problems in Healthcare

Who and what is MDR™?  We are a team of experienced healthcare executives researching and advising our colleagues on Best Practice solutions to their business problems, gleaned from inside and outside healthcare.  Many of the best practices actually originate outside healthcare.

 MDR™ is not a group of consultants who charge you a fee for their advice.  We are trusted advisors who do your research for you.  We find the best, most innovative solutions to your problems, with proven track records.  We translate what the Best Practices™ Solutions can do to solve your specific problems.  We also create new Best Practices™ Solutions by integrating two or more services that yield a solution that is brand new to healthcare.

MDR™ is client-centric and vendor-agnostic.  MDR™ continually evaluates solution partners to maintain our standards of Best Practices™.  We choose only one “best of class” solution in each category. 

MDR™ never charges you a penny. Our Best Practices™ Solutions Partners pay us.  Your problem is solved or we don’t get paid.  Simple.

Today we have over 40 Best Practice Solutions Partners across 7 Pillars of Business Solutions:

  • Non-Labor Spend Management
  • Labor and Benefits
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Physician Practice Economics
  • Quality and Safety
  • Technology
  • Executive Support & Business Development

MDR™ finds Best Practice Solutions Partners who:

  • Are the best at what they do inside and outside healthcare;
  • Will do the work to implement your solution, and
  • Are often willing to go at risk to guarantee your results.

Eric P. Norwood, FACHE, Managing Partner